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Production Supervisor


Age:above 25 years old
Working Experience:
above 3 years
Education :above senior high schoolSalary:negotiation
Job Requirement:
1、with the experience of calculator management in electronics, firmly obey the direction of production manager, seriously carry out the working assignment, all management behavior are responsible for production manager.
2、Help the production manager to be in charge of the supervising factory’s safe production and management, be strict with the process of production quality;
3、To draw up the daily, weekly, monthly production plan according to the practical situation from factory, help the production manager to reasonably arrange production operation with the existing source, equipment and control the production costs;
4、Help the production manager to draw up and hand down the production plan task, manage the staff, ensure every group be aware of the self task and finish it;
5、Be in charge of following, checking the production work plan situation, reasonably taking use of the equipment, save production consumption, improve working efficiency;
6、Be in charge of ensuring all factory equipments run safely, every production position go on normally, effectively, orderly;
7、Help the production manager to statistic production data and goods and material consumption, fully handling the production source and products quality, adjust the equipment, materials in time, calculating warehouse, apply for and report the procurement of goods and materials on time;
8、When there is (or forecasted) big problem in equipment, material and so on, should report it to the production manager or general manager;
9、Help the production manager to draw up the repairing equipment plan, register production and check day to day account, planed, systematic and scientifically arrange equipment maintenance;
10、Help the production manager to organize and carry out the performance appraisal constituted incentive measures;
11、Carry out the factory's rules and regulations strictly, and perform working duty.

Working Address: No. 1 Block, Hudong Road, Yanggongzhou District, Shatian Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
Contact: Mr. Zhang
Tel: 0769-89362080
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Working hours:08 : 00~12 :00   13 : 30~17 :30
Address:3F, Building C, No.7 Huamei Road Xitailong, Shatian Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China zip code 523980